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How to Wear EarClimberZ

How To Wear Our Ear Climbers 


These things are so easy to put on!  Just follow these simple steps, after you do it a few times, it will be second nature.



There is a left and a right earring.  The curve of the earring should match the curve of your ear.  On all styles, the little loop at the top of the earring closes toward your face. 


Hold the earring with the backing wire on top.  Place the wire in the piercing of your ear.  Push the earring all the way in and down. 


Roll the earring up and pull the ear lobe between the wire and the crystals.  Continue to pull the ear lobe through from the bottom of the ear to the top until the earring is in the proper position.  This can be done with both hands or even one hand.


To take the earrings off, slide the earring off the lobe so that it is hanging but still in the hole, then lift the earring out of the ear.


You will never need to 'bend' the earring!