Our Story

Before I started The EarVinery Jewelry Business in 2008, I worked as a Concierge and Manager at Resorts and Hotels in Orlando. I could see my paperwork with my glasses, but could only see my Guests without my glasses. Because of this, I was constantly misplacing my glasses. I decided to make different glasses holders for my glasses for the different seasons and my different uniforms for the hotels. Guests and employees started commenting on my glasses holders and said they would love a necklace or bracelet like them for themselves or family members. I started making them for other people and saw a small craft business starting to take life. After I retired from the Hospitality Industry, I started riding my 2004 Harley Davidson Softail Classic with my girlfriends on Tuesday mornings and then go to lunch together at the beach. We would all start lunch by complaining about losing our earrings while we were riding. I lost one earring of a very special pair of 14 kt gold earrings that my husband had given me when we became engaged. I was very upset about that. I was looking through some vintage magazines one day and saw an advertisement about “Ear Feathers”. It was an earring that went up the ear back in the early 1950’s! I realized that I had seen one of these earrings in my Mother’s jewelry box. I pulled it out, studied it and decided that I could make an earring that climbed up my ear. The next Tuesday I wore the new earrings (black and orange for Harley) on our clubs ride. I was the only one at lunch not complaining about losing earrings. The girls wanted to know why! I showed them what I came up with. They all wanted a pair. The following week I gave my 7 friends each a pair. They loved them. We were all commenting about how we couldn’t feel them at all. Over the next few weeks their friends were wanting them also. My husband put his foot down and said no more freebees! They had to pay for them. The Harley dealer wanted me to set up a table at our HOG meeting and sell the earrings there. I did this for a few months. At one meeting a woman came up and asked if I had them in any colors other than black and orange. I laughed and asked her if she had a Honda. She told me NO, she wanted to wear them to work because they didn’t stab her head like a post earring when she was on the phone! WORK! That is when The EarVinery was born in November 2008. I made sure that I didn’t use anything that had nickel in it because it would break me out in hives! That meant only .925 Sterling Silver and 14 kt Gold Filled wire for the earrings. The crystals from Poland and China would get dull and the color would fade so I decided to only use Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Natural Stones. Since I used the best materials and was 100% Nickel free, I decided to give a 100% lifetime guarantee with my earrings. The next issue was to name the earrings. My husband and I decided to name the earrings EarClimberZ because they climb UP the ear. Everyone told us that they were so comfortable because they couldn’t feel them and they didn’t fall off. When I started making different styles, we were doing a show at the local winery. My husband suggested that we name them after wines! The older ladies loved that! Our family has tested the EarClimberZ in every way that we can think of. Horseback riding, Jet skiing, swimming, working, bungee jumping, water skiing, wake boarding and surfing. They don’t fall off! If one breaks for any reason, I replace them at no charge.