Welcome to The Home of the Original EarClimberZ

Custom Handmade EarClimber, Ear Vine, Ear Pin or Sweep Earrings

*** All EarClimberZ are priced by the PAIR - if you only need one, email us! ***

Here at The Ear Vinery we only use the finest materials available.  There are no better Crystals available anywhere than Swarovski, and we use ONLY Swarovski.  Don't be fooled by terms like "Austrian" or "Euro" or ANY other term.  Swarovski is the best, and you deserve nothing less.  Our Silver is .925 Sterling, our Gold is 14k Gold Filled, never plated (look up the difference).  We demand the best for you, and you should too!.  Remember, if someone is selling you Solid Gold and the price is not several times higher than Gold-Filled, it is NOT Solid Gold!   

The Ear Vinery offers the latest trends in decorative ear vine style and Ear Climber earring pieces. Our take on the traditional earring has been turning heads all over the nation. Each of the unique styles is custom designed and handmade using quality materials, allowing our collection to feature a range of appealing styles. 

Our Ear Climber earrings are inspired by the vibrant varieties of reds, whites and pinks that you can find at the winery. We can even customize our pins and sweeps with a name, making a unique, personalized gift. 

Browse the many styles of ear jewelry we have available. Our site contains an explanation of how to wear our Ear ClimberZ simply and easily. We also include a show calendar including dates when we may be in your area. 

For additional information about our custom handmade ear vines, pins and sweeps, contact the Ear Vinery today. 

Buy More, Save More!

We want you to save, so we have set up a discount program that works online and in person!  Buy 2 pair of EarClimberZ™, save 20%.  Buy 3 pair, save 25%, 4 pair, 30%, and 5 or more pair and you save a whopping 40%!   This is Mix and Match, so it works on ANY Ear ClimberZ™ combination, except for the Name ClimberZ™.  Any questions, just email us!